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At Homes In The Sun, we understand the complexities and challenges of investing in property from overseas. That’s why we offer an unrivaled, bespoke service designed to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to post-purchase support, we are committed to assisting you in every aspect of your property investment journey.

Navigating the intricacies of international property investment demands informed guidance to avoid being caught in the dark. Our team of knowledgeable experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the regulatory, legal, financial, and tax implications of property ownership in South Africa. Through our extensive network of trusted service providers, we connect you with professionals who prioritize your best interests, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience.

Whether you’re considering a holiday home, a lucrative investment property, or a retirement retreat, Homes In The Sun is here to turn your South African property dreams into reality. Explore our exclusive tailored services and discover how we can assist you in achieving your goals in the vibrant and dynamic South African real estate market.

  • Understand South Africa’s land ownership and registration process.

  • Move money into and out of the country correctly.

  • Be aware of all the costs involved in the transaction and in upgrading your home.

  • Understand the tax procedures.

  • Ensure the correct documents are housed to ensure equitable tax calculations can be made when selling the property. This is crucially important.

  • Secure the best foreign exchange rates with our trusted foreign exchange partner. Ensure the correct VISA requirements are understood and met.

  • Attend to the completion of SA Receiver of Revenue annual tax returns should you be earning an income from the property.

  • Introduce you to a bond originator to inform you of the SA banks regulations regarding home loans.

  • Refer you to a trusted financial advisor should you require life cover as security on the amount owing on the home loan.

Our guiding principles are to provide buyers with accurate information; educate you on the full process; guide you in making sound decisions; and to help with accurate assessments of homes and property management, if required.

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Choosing to buy through Homes In The Sun offers international investors a streamlined and expertly guided path to property ownership in Cape Town. With tailored support, exclusive access to listings, and a commitment to ensuring compliance with legal and financial regulations, we simplify the process and provide peace of mind every step of the way.

Buying without Homes in the SunBuying with Homes in the Sun
Buyer searches for a property from Propert24 and works with several agents. Buyer signs a single buyer’s mandate with Homes in the Sun and works with one agent exclusively.
Buyer must contact multiple agents to arrange viewings for multiple homes that don’t always suit their requirements.Will only view shortlisted properties that are selected by HitS and the buyer. Buyer does not need to contact multiple agents and schedule multiple appointments.
Is a transactional-based short term relationship.Longer-term relationship-based communication.
Agent provides a single service, i.e. viewing a home and getting bond originator on board if required.HitS provides an augmented service, bringing the buyer’s conveyancer on board; a tax specialist, a forex service provider and a bond originator. After the purchase HitS will refer the buyer to specialist service providers.
Buyer is alone in the process.Buyer is not alone in the process but has a trusted advisor working in their best interests.
Will receive the following certificates of compliance as part of the transfer process: electrical, plumbing, gas; electrical certificates and entomologist.In addition to the required certificates of compliance, the buyer will receive the following reports (at buyer’s cost):

- House check to confirm structural integrity.
- Security audit (how much will need to be spent to increase security)
- Alternate energy audit (how much will need to be spent to provide independent energy source)
- Home automation systems that are tailor made with determined costs

These will be done prior to signing the offer to purchase so the buyer is aware of the total cost of making the home suited to their needs.
Work with the listing agent and the seller's appointed conveyancer.Work with the buyer’s agent and the buyer’s conveyancer, providing additional protection that the agent and conveyancer are working in the buyer’s interest.
Short term relationship for the purchase period only.Establish a relationship that is ongoing even after the sale. HitS arranges for Airbnb management services or a property management company to maintain the property.
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